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Ginadasa Gunasekera affectionately known by the Hela Name Gunesekera Ginadasun, lived in Keleswatta, Panadura, Sri Lanka and was an author of many sinhala books. In the following pages, we are lsting FOUR books by Gunasekera Ginadasun. Following books are among the many books published by Ginadas Gunasekera. Helaye Pililaya, Wana Rasa Dahara, Lak Pubuduwa, Iperani Helatuwaa Basa, Iperani Helatuwaa Basa - Dewana Kotasa, Kumarathunga Wyakarana Waada Sangrahaya.

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  1. - Published in September 2007, Hela Yatagiyawa is a research book about debatable topics from Sinhala History. This is the last book of the author and left as a unpublished manuscript until 2007. It has been published in Sri Lanka after the death of the author by his family. Here is the back cover of the book. . This book spans into a total of 190 pages and is available for purchase from book stores in Sri Lanka.

  2. - Iperani Helatuwaa basa is a book written with the purpose of exposing ancient information about Sinhala language and culture that are contained in the old book Dampiya Atuwaa Getapadaya". This book spans into a total of 22 pages. It was first published in March 25th 1973.

  3. - Published in September 21st 1966, Wana Rasa Dahara is a potery book about a forest vacation that author took in Udawalawe area in Central Sri Lanka. This is the third published book of the author. This book spans into a total of 30 pages.

  4. - Lak Pubuduwa is a poetry book written about the 1956 official Language struggle and the ensuing conflict. The book was first published on the Independence day, the February 4th 1967. This book spans into a total of 86 pages.

  5. - Published in March 2nd 1973, this book titled Kumarathunga Wyakarana Waada sangrahaya, discusses some aspects of Munidasa Kumarathunga Wyakarana school, affectionately known as Hela Hawula. Among topics discussed, the famous "Ae"-Kaara debate is also featured prominently. This book spans into a total of 166 pages.

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