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Dr. P G Punchihewa graduated from University of Ceylon, Peradeniya and joined Ceylon Civil Service in 1960 after a short stint as an Assistant Lecturer in University of Peradeniya. He held many administrative positions among which are, Government Agent for Monaragala, Puttalam, and Kalutara Districts, Additional Secretary of Ministry of Plantation Industries and Secretary of Ministry of Coconut Industries. In 1984 he was elected the Executive Director of the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community based in Jakarta, Indonesia and served there 15 years. He then returned to Sri Lanka in 2000 and worked with the UNDP for about two years.

Punchihewa obtained his post graduate diploma in Rural Social Development from University of Reading, UK and subsequently the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sri Jayawardena Pura, Sri Lanka.

He has written more than 25 books and won the State Literary Award for the best children's story book in 2002. Listed below are some of his titles. Books are available for purchase from leading book stores in Sri Lanka such as Vijitha Yapa Publications (http://www.vijithayapa.com) and M D Gunasena Book store.

Click on a book title to get additional information and to read the book if it is available on line.

Author wishes to receive reader comments. Please send your comments to us or directly to Dr. P G Punchihewa by email at: pgpunchi 'at' sltnet.lk

  1. - Those Were the Days is a book written about the vast experiences Punchihewa received during more than fourty years of service in varying senior positions in govenmental and non governmental organizations. He had the opportunity to interact with many personalities of different socioculural backgrounds and in this book spanning into 136 pages published in August 2007, he shares some of these experiences with the reader.

  2. - Mahi Pancha Series talks about Mahi Pancha (the small fly) an inquisitive, mischievous little fly. The Series contains four books (in Sinhala) and narrates adventures and experiences of Mahi Pancha. First two books are now available in English as well. Third and fourth will become available soon.
    1. Mahi Pancha (published by M D Gunasena)
    2. Mahi Panchage Alut Gedara (published by Vijitha Yapa)
    3. Mahi Pancha saha Kalamadiriyo (published by Vijitha Yapa)
    4. Mahi Pancha Rajavei (published by Vijitha Yapa)

  3. - Aaa Giya Katha

  4. - Aewidda Paya

  5. - The Shattered Earth is the story of the poverty stricken, landless innocent peasants of Wellasa in the Monaragala District who fell victims to the development oriented policies of the Government implemented though Colombo based enterprenurs backed by the bureaucracy. The story revolves around Kirisandaa, a chena cultivator who struggles hard unsuccessfully to withstand the onsalught of the outside forces. Punchihewa based this novel on his own expereince while working as a G.A. in the Mogaragala during 1967-1970. Critics have hailed it as deserving a place along with Leonard Woolf's Village in the Jungle.

    This book was published by Stamford Lake Ltd in 2008 and is available from leading bookstores in Sri Lanka for Rs. 450/=.

a land like no other

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