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Lanka Heritage was setup to bring products and services related to Heritage of Sri Lanka to the masses. In the coming months we wish to reveal our ambitious plans to bring you some more treasured products and services.

We have produced a set of audio CDs of Dhammapada with English explanations and a set of audio CDs with sinhala explanations. While there are many printed and electronic media which contain translated text of Dhammapada, we felt the need of a full length Audio CD for people to listen on a day to day basis. We ended up creating a set of 4 CDs which contain the explanations of the entire Dhammapada.

The project has been undertaken by Lanka Heritage on not-for-profit basis and profits will go to worthy causes in Sri Lanka.

We seek your co-orporation to make this venture a success and give us encouragement to accept more such projects.

Images courtesy of Sri Lanka Tourist Board Brochures.

a land like no other

Dhammapada in English

Dhammapada in Sinhala

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