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Dhammapada is one of the greatest literary products of Buddhist literature and philosophy. It is considered by many as Buddha's own teaching and hence undoubtedly is the most popular canonical text of Buddhism contained in Tri-Pitaka. Dhammapada, the wisdom and insight of Buddha, consists of 26 chapters called Vagga spanning into 423 verses.

Written as a text to be read, re-read, and followed to lead a better life, Dhammapada is suitable for people of all religious backgrounds. It has been translated to many languages and is revered by all sects of Buddhist thought. There are hundreads of various translations of Dhammapada to English and Sinhala and is a commonly quoted by many in their day to day life.

This set of Compact Disks of Dhammapada was created to fill the void of non-availability of Dhammapada in electronic format for your listening pleasure. We sincerely hope that the Dhamampada will be listened to and followed everyday by many folks with the aid of this production.

After the successful production of the Dhammapada with Sinhala Explanations (mainly targetted for Budhdhist who speak Sinhalese Language) in 2005, we received numerous requests to produce a set of CDs with explanations in English. The Dhammapada with English Explanations was a result of all these requests we have received.

This set of 4 English CDs contain complete Dhammapada Verses in Pali, chanted by Rev. Beruwala Siri Sobitha B.A., (the resident monk at Sri Lanka Buddest Temple, Perth, Australia.), followed by explanation of each verse in English by Gil Fronsal Ph.D.(Insight Meditation Centre, Redwood City, California, USA).

Listen to samples by clicking here and here. File size is about 1.2-1.5MB.

Note that the above are low bitrate samples made for faster downloading.

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Dhammapada in English

Dhammapada in Sinhala

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