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To fulfill a long felt need of Sinhala Buddhists worldwide, a 4 CD Volume of Dammapada was released in November 2005 by Lanka Heritage. Due to the positive response and feedback we received we even embarked on a project to produce a set of CDs with English Translations in November 2006.

This set of Sinhala CDs contains complete Dhammapada Verses in Pali, chanted by Rev. Beruwala Siri Sobitha B.A., (the resident monk at Sri Lanka Buddest Temple, Perth, Australia.), followed by explanation of each verse in Sinhala.

Listen to samples by clicking here and here. File size is about 900-950kB.

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The Sinhala Dhammapada in MP3 format will be available in 2011.

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a land like no other

Dhammapada in English

Dhammapada in Sinhala

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